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gvdb-reader.c File Reference

#include "gvdb-reader.h"
#include "gvdb-format.h"
#include <string.h>
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struct  _GvdbTable


static gboolean gvdb_table_bloom_filter (GvdbTable *file, guint32 hash_value)
static gboolean gvdb_table_check_name (GvdbTable *file, struct gvdb_hash_item *item, const gchar *key, guint key_length)
static gconstpointer gvdb_table_dereference (GvdbTable *file, const struct gvdb_pointer *pointer, gint alignment, gsize *size)
static struct gvdb_hash_itemgvdb_table_get_item (GvdbTable *table, guint32_le item_no)
GVariant * gvdb_table_get_raw_value (GvdbTable *table, const gchar *key)
GvdbTablegvdb_table_get_table (GvdbTable *file, const gchar *key)
GVariant * gvdb_table_get_value (GvdbTable *file, const gchar *key)
gboolean gvdb_table_has_value (GvdbTable *file, const gchar *key)
gboolean gvdb_table_is_valid (GvdbTable *table)
static const gchar * gvdb_table_item_get_key (GvdbTable *file, const struct gvdb_hash_item *item, gsize *size)
gchar ** gvdb_table_list (GvdbTable *file, const gchar *key)
static gboolean gvdb_table_list_from_item (GvdbTable *table, const struct gvdb_hash_item *item, const guint32_le **list, guint *length)
static struct gvdb_hash_itemgvdb_table_lookup (GvdbTable *file, const gchar *key, gchar type)
GvdbTablegvdb_table_new (const gchar *filename, gboolean trusted, GError **error)
GvdbTablegvdb_table_ref (GvdbTable *file)
static void gvdb_table_setup_root (GvdbTable *file, const struct gvdb_pointer *pointer)
void gvdb_table_unref (GvdbTable *file)
static GVariant * gvdb_table_value_from_item (GvdbTable *table, const struct gvdb_hash_item *item)
void gvdb_table_walk (GvdbTable *table, const gchar *key, GvdbWalkOpenFunc open_func, GvdbWalkValueFunc value_func, GvdbWalkCloseFunc close_func, gpointer user_data)

Detailed Description

Note: this function does not consider non-value nodes (other hash tables, for example).

If the value is not found then NULL is returned. Otherwise, a new GVariant instance is returned. The GVariant does not depend on the continued existence of

You should call g_variant_unref() on the return result when you no longer require it.

gvdb_table_get_raw_value: : a GvdbTable : a string

: a GVariant, or NULL

Looks up a value named in

This call is equivalent to gvdb_table_get_value() except that it never byteswaps the value.

The toplevel hash table in a GvdbTable can contain reference to child hash tables (and those can contain further references...).

If is not found in

You should call gvdb_table_unref() on the return result when you no longer require it.

Increases the reference count on

Definition in file gvdb-reader.c.

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