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Public Attributes

DConfEngineMessage Struct Reference

#include <dconf-engine.h>

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Public Attributes

const gchar * bus_name
const gchar * bus_types
const gchar * interface_name
const gchar * method_name
gint n_messages
const gchar * object_path
GVariant ** parameters
const GVariantType * reply_type

Detailed Description


This structure represents a number of DBus method call messages that DConfEngine would like to send.

DConfEngine itself is unaware of a particular DBus or main loop implementation. As such, all requests are synchronous and non-blocking, but most of them produce a DConfEngineMessage describing messages that must be sent in order for the operation to be completed.

, , , specify the respective header fields of the method call. These are always equal for all of the calls contained within a single DConfEngineMessage.

is the expected reply type of the method call. This is also the same for all calls contained within a single DConfEngineMessage.

is the number of messages to send.

and are both arrays, of length . Each element of is the bus type to send each method call on and each of is the body of that call. The reason that there may be several messages is that a single dconf "watch" operation may need to send multiple DBus "AddMatch" calls (and usually to multiple busses).

Each element in is either 'y' for system bus or 'e' for session bus.

A DConfEngineMessage is always stack-allocated by the caller. It must be cleared using dconf_engine_message_destroy() when done. It may be copied using dconf_engine_message_copy().

Definition at line 58 of file dconf-engine.h.

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